Caravan types

Choosing the best holiday home can be daunting, so we've created a brief guide to the various caravan types and who they're suitable for.

With holiday homes for all budgets, we think you'll find something at Bunn Leisure to suit your needs.


Starter caravans

Ideal for new owners, our range of starter caravans are a great way to try holiday home ownership.

Starting from as little as £15,995, our entry level caravans are perfect if you want a place to use as a base for last minute weekends and short breaks.

Depending on the age and specification of the caravan, it might meet our managed lettings criteria, so could offset some of the costs when you're not using it!

Typical starter caravan features include:

Mid-range caravans

This selection of affordable caravans come from a range of manufacturers and generally include either the latest mid-priced caravans or premium holiday homes that are often just a few years old.

So whether you want the very latest, budget friendly products, or the best quality pre-owned caravans on the market, we've got something for you at Bunn Leisure.

Mid-range caravans are usually suitable for:

Premium holiday homes for luxury living

For families who want the very best that holiday home living has to offer, we've got a range of premium caravans you'll never want to leave.

Combine that with a plot on our breath-taking West Point development or leafy Green Lawns, and you've got the perfect recipe for a life of luxury and relaxation.

With the focus on quality rather than price, select the 'Premium' filter when searching of stock list, to see holiday homes that raise-the-bar on holiday home living.

Premium caravans are usually larger than our starter and mid-range products, so they're generally a good option if you have a large family or regularly have guests staying.

Additional costs to consider when buying

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